Versailles: The Kings Are Gone…Plenty of Corvids Though

This is the first piece of three in a set of large-scale pieces based on things I saw on my near-monthlong trip to Europe in the spring. I turned 40 this past year, and my family and friends conspired to throw me an entirely surprising surprise party and to contribute to sending me on a trip for most of May. I spent almost a week in Rome, a week in Paris, a few days in London, and a week and half traveling all over Scotland.

Many things came out of this trip, and more on that in another post, but just before the trip a friend had given me a drafting table, giving me for the first time a real space to work on larger-scale drawings. This set of three pieces, one from each of the countries I spent time in, are all grouped around a lot of thinking about permanence and impermanence, significance and insignificance. This first is from France, the next will be from Scotland, and the final one from the Eternal City.

20180902_17422020180902_17421220180902_174153img_20180902_181759_493img_20180902_181759_491Made with Square InstaPic

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