Standing Stones of Stenness: Eternal/Dissolve

This was the first conceived of the three large pieces based on my travels of last spring. It’s from the Standing Stones of Stenness, part of the UNESCO World Heritage zone the Heart of Neolithic Orkney in the Orkney Islands in Scotland, home to 5,000-year-old villages, burial mounds, and standing stone rings. These particular standing stones are thought to be the oldest henge site in the British Isles. The stones that remain stand in what is now a sheep meadow by the shore. A pair of sheep were relaxing nearby when I was there and in the inlet across the way a dozen or more seals were sunning themselves, lolling on stones in the low tide like great beached balloons. Orkney was an absolute highlight of the trip and worth every bit of the extra effort it took to get up there. (It’s not exactly on the beaten path).

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