Hope is a verb

I think most people who draw a lot probably have certain subjects they tend to come back to over and over, whether it’s just in doodles or in bigger pieces. The things that have shown up most consistently both in the margins of my class notebooks and in my printmaking and other projects are snails, trees, birds, and angels. And here is one of those again.

Made with Square InstaPic

I’m calling it ‘Hope is a verb’ because I keep reminding myself as it seems like the world is going more to hell every day that you can’t just sit around passively waiting for hope to show up; it’s something that you can make a choice to do. You may not see any hope, but you can hope. I’m not an optimist. I don’t rationally think we are going to effectively address most of the destructive and hateful things we see every day, but I can still make a choice to hope that we will anyway.

Some details:

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Preliminary materials (sketch and color tests):



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